Once you are ready to begin the enrollment process of becoming a Client Support Professional, you will need to complete a few simple steps.

You will need to go through a required screening process.  We will guide you through the process and once qualified, you will be on your way to becoming an independent contractor with Hinson Enterprises LLC.

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications from residents of the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin

Step 1: Submit your resume to jobs@hinsonenterprises.net. (Our recruiting department will contact you to assist you with moving forward).

Step 2: Click here to create a profile through Arise.

Step 3: Click the green button at the top "Register Now" and select United States .  At this time we are only accepting applications from legal residents of the US. 

Step 4: Check the boxes that indicate you understand this is a business opportunity, not employment.  Then click "Next."

Step 5: Select "Yes" to the question "Were you referred to Arise by an Independent Business Owner and enter the Client Support Professional (CSP ID: 1115492).

Step 6: After completing the questionnaire, you will be required to complete a background check.  The cost is currently $7.95 and you will be directed to a 3rd party background investigation company's website who will complete the process.  This process takes approximately 2-5 minutes and the results of the background check are submitted electronically to Arise.

Step 7: Select Hinson Enterprises LLC as your Independent Business Owner (IBO) ID #70103.  Then choose one of the available opportunities for work and begin your training class!


Please feel free to contact us if you need more help! Or visit our FAQ section for more information.

Application Steps

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